Seznam produktů podle výrobce Specktrum

Specktrum is a new interior brand, where a sincere passion for design, the individual expression, and the personal details are the basic elements. It is the belief in the creation of modern home accessories that makes an impression and that become part of everyday life and the preferred accessories. #TellYourStory #EverydayCrushes

It's home accessories that can change expressions according to composition and surroundings and help create individual and personal solutions in today's homes. Home accessories that have edge and character - all at reasonable prices #WhenFirstImpressionMatters

Don't Half-ass Anything 
Spektrum is founded by sibling couple Anne and Kristina Laursen.
"Specktrum is built around our vision that we want to become our dealer's preferred supplier. Specktrum is founded in the belief of good cooperation, and we want this to visible to everyone in Specktrum Universe "- Anne Laursen.

"We are personally involved in all processes, and we believe that it is the small things together makes the difference." - Kristina Laursen.

This is the optic Specktrum is founded and it is in the optics that we would like to welcome you to the Universe of Specktrum.